Mapping invasive animals

The first consistent national assessment of 10 of Australia’s significant invasive animal species has been produced under a cooperative project coordinated by NSW DPI.

The species assessed were feral pigs, feral goats, wild deer, rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, feral cats, common starlings, common carp and cane toads.

Key outcomes from the program include national-scale datasets (developed from state data), national, state/territory and regional maps for 10 priority pest species, nationally endorsed monitoring protocols and agreed data standards for monitoring and reporting on invasive animals.

The Mapping Invasive Animals in Australia project, coordinated by Mr Peter West of NSW DPI has seen a partnership between NSW DPI, the Invasive Animals CRC, the National Land and Water Resources Audit, all states and territories, and the Vertebrate Pests Committee to produce the national assessment.

The project’s major publication - "Assessing invasive animals in Australia (2008)" is due to be released next month.

It highlights that invasive animals are a national issue and identifies where pest problems are most pronounced throughout Australia.

The project will continue during 2008 to address fundamental data and information needs for invasive animals throughout NSW and Australia.