Developing Aceh's compost from the ground up

Chris Dorahy in Aceh
Dr Chris Dorahy (NSW DPI) with a bag of compost produced at Y’DUA and Y’DUA staff after receiving a certificate of support from Compost Australia.

Stronger linkages between the fledgling compost industry of tsunami-affected Aceh, (Indonesia) and Australia continue to be strengthened with a $2,000 donation.

Dr Chris Dorahy, Technical Specialist with the Centre for Recycle Organics in Agriculture (CROA), presented Yayasan Daur Ulang Aceh (Y’DUA) - a commercial compost producer in Banda Aceh - with the cheque from Compost Australia for developing marketing and promotional material for the compost they produce during a communications forum earlier this year.

"As well as marketing, the funds will be used to make smaller bags with handles, which will make it easier for women to carry the bags of compost," Dr Dorahy said.

The money was raised at the Inaugural Compost Ball held by Compost Australia as part of International Compost Awareness Week earlier this year.

Y’DUA currently supplies compost to local flower producers, although it is keen to promote the benefits of using compost in other agricultural industries in Aceh.

"This was an excellent example of how the ACIAR project has facilitated linkages between the Australian and Acehnese compost industries. They will enable ongoing financial and technical support to their Acehnese counterparts which will lead to a viable compost industry in Aceh," Dr Dorahy said.

The ACIAR project is aimed at restoring the fertility of tsunami affected agricultural soils following the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004.