National launch of new fox strategy book in Orange

The most up-to-date fox management strategies have been collected in a new book to be launched at Orange Agricultural Institute (OAI) this Wednesday October 24 at 11.00am.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) researchers, Glen Saunders and Lynette McLeod, wrote Improving fox management strategies in Australia to inform farmers, land managers, researchers and pest controllers of advances in fox management which have been made during the last 12 years.

"Our research highlighted the need to critically evaluate the cost-effectiveness of private investment in fox control based on production values," Dr Saunders said.

"The book details current fox management practices as well as successful management programs which have reduced fox numbers and allowed prey species to recover.

"Foxes impact of both productive farm animals and native species and we need to measure our effectiveness in managing them on the basis of damage not numbers."

Control and monitoring techniques are highlighted in the book as well as how legislation affects control in different states.

Foxes have been estimated to cost Australian agricultural industries and the environment more than $227 million per year.

Research and publication costs were funded by NSW DPI, the Bureau of Rural Sciences (BRS), Australian Wool Innovations, Meat and Livestock Australia and the Invasive Animals CRC.

Media will have the opportunity to interview Dr Saunders and Ms McLeod at the OAI training centre on the day of the launch.

New video footage of foxes will be supplied at the launch.