NSW DPI research paper most cited in five year period

A NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) paper on an innovative control technique for the introduced marine seaweed, Caulerpa taxifolia, has received an award from the prestigous scientific journal Biological Conservation as the most cited paper from that journal for the five year period 2003-2008.

Written by scientists Dr Tim Glasby and Dr Bob Creese and Fisheries Technician Peter Gibson, the paper describes how salt can be placed on top of the seaweed to deliver a short, sharp osmotic stress which kills it. The salt naturally dissolves within a couple of hours and thus has no long term environmental impact.

The full citation is:

Glasby TM, Creese RG & Gibson PT (2005) Experimental use of salt to control the invasive marine alga Caulerpa taxifolia in New South Wales Australia. Biological Conservation 122, 573-580.