Feed testing service to help farmers through drought

A comprehensive feed testing service has been set up that will help the State’s farmers manage drought by accurately measuring livestock feed quality.

The Feed Quality Service, based at Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, is another tool farmers will be able to use to help their livestock through the ongoing drought.

Developed by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), this new service allows livestock producers to compare feeds on their nutritional value and value for money.

This is especially important during drought when livestock producers are buying in significant amounts of fodder at a high cost.

Feed costs account for a high proportion of total input costs in many livestock enterprises, so they are therefore a major driver of profitability.

Testing of animal feeds is an essential element in livestock management to minimise costs and maximise profits.

The NSW DPI had been promoting the laboratory testing of feedstuffs through programs like Prograze and TopFodder Silage for many years as part of standard management practice.

This becomes even more important as our livestock systems intensify, and use of supplementary feeds increases.

The NSW DPI has developed a range of packages that are tailored to the producer’s needs, whether he or she is using pasture, hay, silage, grains or mixed rations.

This new service is competitively priced and will provide a rapid turnaround for results, generally within five working days.

The Feed Quality Service can be contacted 02 6938 1999.