Two NSW DPI research papers in global top 50 of all time

Two publications by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) researchers made the list of “The 50 most-frequently cited articles” of all time in the American-based Journal of Animal Science.*

One of the articles by NSW DPI scientists Dr Paul Arthur, Dr Robert Herd and Dr Peter Parnell’s paper (2001) was based on research at the Trangie Agricultural Research Centre, and was the first comprehensive publication in the world on the genetics of feed efficiency in beef cattle.

The other article by Dr Paul Greenwood (1998) was based on his PhD research while at Cornell University.

These achievements underline the high quality of research by NSW DPI staff, the high impact of this research internationally, and NSW DPI’s claim to be a ‘science-based organisation’. This has greater significance given the journal publishes over 400 refereed papers a year.


Arthur, P.F., J.A. Archer, D.J. Johnston, R.M. Herd, E.C. Richardson and P.F. Parnell.  (2001).  Genetic and phenotypic variance and covariance components for feed intake, feed efficiency and other postweaning traits in Angus cattle. Journal of Animal Science 79:2805-2811.

Greenwood, P.L., Hunt, A.S., Hermanson, J.W. and Bell, A.W. (1998). Effects of birth weight and postnatal nutrition on neonatal sheep: 1. Body weight and composition, and some aspects of energenetic efficiency. Journal of Animal Science 76:2354-2367.

*According to the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), the Journal of Animal Sciences (JAS) consistently ranks as one of the top journals (among 43 titles) in the category of Agriculture, Dairy, and Animal Sciences in terms of impact factor, immediacy index, and cited half-life and is in the top 1% of Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publishing (50,000+ titles) by total ISI citations.