Partners and alliances overview

Aerial photo of the Graham Centre

NSW DPI is dedicated to the continuing development of cooperative alliances with universities, CRCs and other state and national agencies. These arrangements enhance the pace of innovation and achieve economies in the use of human and capital resources for research.
(Right: The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation)

Cooperative Research Centres

NSW DPI is currently a core partner in the following CRCs:

Science alliances

Alliance arrangements exist with a number of state agencies, commercial partners and universities. The alliances NSW DPI is currently involved in are outlined below:

Contracted research

NSW DPI has 11 industry corporation investment partners, with major investment also from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Biofirst, Natural Heritage Trust, National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP), and the Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

Historical participation in Cooperative Research Centres

NSW DPI has participated in these CRCs that have now ceased to operate.

  • Beef Genetic Technologies, Cooperative Research Centre for, (Beef CRC) [2005/06-2011/12]
  • Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre (Cotton CRC) [2005/06-2011/12]
  • Invasive Animals CRC [2005/06-2011/12]
  • CRC for Value Added Wheat [2001/02-2008/09]
  • CRC for Australian Weed Management [2001/02-2008/09]
  • CRC for Plant-based management of Dryland Salinity [2001/02-2007/08]
  • Australian Sheep Industry CRC [2001/02-2007/08]
  • CRC for Sustainable Aquaculture of Finfish [2001/02-2007/08]
  • CRC for Cattle and Beef Quality [1999/2000-2005/06]
  • Australian Cotton CRC [1999/00-2005/06]
  • CRC for Sustainable Rice Production [1997/98-2005/06]
  • CRC for Quality Wheat Products and Processes [1995/96-2001/02]
  • CRC for Weed Management Systems [1995/06-2001/02]
  • CRC for the Cattle and Beef Industry (Meat Quality) [1993/94-1999/00]
  • CRC for Sustainable Cotton Production [1993/94-1999/00]
  • CRC for Viticulture [1992/93-1998/99]