Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

The Minister for Primary Industries initiated the first in a series of partnership investment ventures when he opened the Wagga Wagga Agricultural Innovation Park, subsequently renamed Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation in 2005. NSW DPI's Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute and Charles Sturt University (CSU) at Wagga Wagga are the partners. 

The collaboration between DPI and CSU allows increased excellence and quantity of research, knowledge generation and impacts, a strong focus and partnerships, builds capacity (people and facilities) and a critical mass of scientists and the development of multi-disciplinary teams.

Professor Deirdre Lemerle was the founding Centre Director and, in this capacity, also assumed the role of Professor of Agricultural Innovation.

The current Centre Director Professor Michael Friend took over the role from Professor Lemerle after her retirement in March 2015.

See the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation website.

Graham Centre scholarships

The Graham Centre is currently offering several scholarship opportunities for Undergraduate, Honours and PhD students. For more information go to the Graham Centre Internal Grants Scheme.