14Research and Extension Capabilities - Program Economists in NSW Agriculture

Vere, D.T. and Mullen, J.D. (Editors), 2003, Research and Extension Capabilities: Program Economists in New South Wales, Economic Research Report No. 14, NSW Agriculture, Orange.

Executive Summary

In 1997 the economists in NSW Agriculture conducting applied economics research at its larger research stations were assigned to the Department’s major programs of the Department. This report reviews some of their achievements since that time.

The report begins with a section describing the role of Program Economists and their management. Then follows a brief review of the main areas of interest of each of the twelve economists. A large section of the report is devoted to outlining major areas of research and extension where program economists, often working cooperatively, have made a significant contribution. These areas include:

  • Analyses of market conditions for agricultural products;
  • Field crop economics;
  • Grazing and pasture economics;
  • Integrated weed and pest management economics;
  • Farming systems economics;
  • Provision of farm management information;
  • Research and extension evaluation and policy.
  • Aspects reviewed in these areas included the key findings from research, research objectives, future directions of research and for each area, a selection of the most significant publications produced by program economists.

    The final section of the report is a listing of publications by program economists since 1997. Since then they have written 9 book chapters, 57 refereed journal papers, 23 refereed research bulletins, 40 papers in conference proceedings, 94 invited and contributed conference papers, 56 miscellaneous reports and work papers; and 43 farm management papers.