Biochar in horticulture

Biochar in horticulture cover

Biochar in horticulture was commissioned by Horticulture Australia Ltd to help horticultural industries assess the potential of biochar for use in their crops.

A team of experts have reviewed the scientific literature to provide up to date, peer- reviewed information on soil carbon science and policy, biochar production and risks, biochar’s influence on soils and plants, and economics of its use. The review concludes that biochar does have potential for use in horticultural production, but more research is needed, as biochar science is still in its infancy.

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Cox J et al. 2012 Biochar in horticulture: Prospects for the use of biochar in Australian horticulture. HAL report. ISBN 978 1 74256 349 7

Chapters include

  • Chapter 1: The role of carbon in the soil (Abigail Jenkins)
  • Chapter 2: Biochar production (Abigail Jenkins and Lukas van Zwieten)
  • Chapter 3: Risk (Adriana Downie)
  • Chapter 4: Biochar effects on soil properties (Lukas van Zwieten, Bhupinder Pal Singh and Justine Cox)
  • Chapter 5: Use of biochar on crop production systems (Justine Cox and Lukas van Zwieten)
  • Chapter 6: Profitability of biochar in horticulture (Anthem McClintock and Janine Powell)
  • Chapter 7: Biochar in Australia (Rebecca Lines-Kelly)
  • Chapter 8: Frequently asked questions about biochar (Mark Hickey)
  • Glossary, References and Appendix