Horticulture gross margin budgets

Vegetable crops

The May 2013 vegetable crop gross margin budgets have been prepared in a format which is consistent with the VegTool 1.1 Gross Margin Calculator. See also VegTool Gross Margin Comparison Tool on YouTube.

Prepared by Gerard Kelly, District Horticulturist, Dareton; Tony Napier, District Horticulturist, Yanco; Susan Watts, Technical Assistant, Dareton; with contributions from Sandra McDougall, Industry Leader (Field Vegetables) Horticulture Research, Yanco; Leanne Orr, Project Officer (Economics), Orange; Leigh James, District Horticulturist, Richmond and Stephen Wade, District Horticulturist, Finley.

Irrigated cherry

Budgets for irrigated cherry production - self packed or contract packed. The budgets are gross margin budgets.