Science boost catch of the day at Cronulla

A new $1 million state-of-the-art research facility was opened at the Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre of Excellence today by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Ian Macdonald.

The lab is part of the new generation of marine research facilities, supporting NSW scientists in their world-class work.

This is a major step forward for NSW marine research – which is already attracting international recognition.

The laboratory is the oldest fisheries laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere and has been continuously in use for more than 100 years.

“Today it is home to dozens of scientists and support staff, researching a variety of marine programs.

The newly upgraded laboratory will be named the H.C. Dannevig Fisheries Laboratory in recognition of the founder of the original Cronulla laboratory in 1905, Norwegian scientist Harald Christian Dannevig.

The laboratory will support the NSW Government’s Wild Fisheries Program, studying the biology of key commercial and recreational fish species.

This follows significant reforms to the management of commercial fisheries in NSW, with the recent start of a fair and flexible share management system for the State’s 1300 commercial fishers.

The revamped facility reinforces the leading role of Cronulla’s fisheries scientists.

Scientists are critical to help us manage our fisheries in a sustainable way and understand the delicate marine environment.

The Sutherland Shire is home to some spectacular coastline and aquatic environments which need to be protected.

The new facilities will help to encourage younger scientists to pursue marine research.