10 tonne average yields achieved in irrigated winter cereals project

High average yields in winter cereal crops are attainable with existing varieties, the results from the first 12 months of a major irrigated winter cereal project led by NSW DPI have shown.

The project also found that breeders lines show great potential for yield and agronomy improvements.

In 2007 experiments were sown at Yanco, Marung and Kerang. The results from Yanco were particularly impressive and show that yields of 10 t/ha can be achieved using best practice management in trials.

Durum and Triticale were particularly impressive with some advanced lines close to release topping 11-12 tonnes per ha in the Yanco experiment. 

The best barley varieties just nudged 10 tonne per ha and the best wheat varieties in the high 9 tonne per ha range.

This project is funded by Irrigated Cropping Forum, NSW DPI and GRDC.