SOILpak - southern dryland farmers

Date: 01 Jan 2001  Author: NSW Agriculture  

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The SOILpak series aims to provide a range of best soil management practices to optimise crop and pasture yields.

SOILpak is intended for:

  • managers who want to learn more about how to manage their soil
  • consultants and extension officers who wish to become more skilled in advising their clients on soil management.
The publication can be purchased from NSW Government Online Shop (shop.nsw) or downloaded in parts.

The table of contents appears below.

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Part A Introduction
       A1 About this manual
       A2 Ideal soil

Part B Quick help
       B1 Trouble-shooting guide
       B2 Is my soil acid? Does it need lime?
       B3 Is my soil saline?
       B4 Does my soil need gypsum?
       B5 Poor seedling emergence
       B6 Does my soil form a surface crust?
       B7 Do I have gilgais?
       B8 Do I need to deep rip?
       B9 Is my soil suitable for direct drilling?
       B10 How do I control erosion?
       B11 Do I have enough organic matter?
       B12 Does my soil need fertiliser?
       B13 Weed control
       B14 Choosing the next crop
       B15 How wet can I cultivate?
       B16 Improving waterlogged soils

Part C Soil types
       C1 Examining the soil profile (includes 8-page colour field guide)
       C2 Alternatives to a spade
       C3 Soil types and landscapes
       C4 Examining plant roots
       C5 Chemical soil tests

Part D Practical soil management
       D1 Acidity
       D2 Salinity
       D3 Sodicity
       D4 Maintaining and improving soil structure
       D5 Erosion
       D6 Conservation farming
       D7 Using biological activity to improve soil
       D8 Improving soil chemical fertility
       D9 Grazing and pasture management
       D10 Soil-borne diseases
       D11 Managing gilgais
       D12 Managing soil for efficient water use

Part E Background information
       E1 Soil structure
       E2 Soil-structure rating system

       1 Acknowledgments
       2 Further reading
       3 Useful terms
       4 Soil description sheets

Subject index